About Us

Warren Roofers is a family business that has been providing excellent roofing services throughout Massachusetts and the New England area for 97 years. Established in 1920, the business has been passed down the Leneau family, currently with a second generation owner and a third soon to come. Edward Leneau has been the owner since 1966, incorporating Warren Roofers in 1971. As the name entails, Warren Roofers Inc. is a Warren, MA, based company. We are located on the Ware Road, directly after the Village Point Plaza. The current garage and office building have been in use for 40 years. Services provided include work on gutters, metal roofs, residential roofs, rubbers roofs, vinyl siding and window replacement. If you would like to get in touch with us, visit the “Contact Us” page. All of our contact information is located there. Also, check out our Facebook Page. (Click on icon at the bottom of the screen)